Our Mission

The goal of Performing SmArts is to inspire students of all ages and to help build confidence through participation in the performing arts. 

About Us

Theatre Brought to Life by Students

Performing SmArts has been providing Capital District Students an opportunity to learn and perform theatre with supportive and creative teachers.

Workshops and Education Opportunities

Workshops and classes are the perfect way to develop skill and learn how to stand out in the crowd. In addition to full scale productions of both plays and musicals, Performing Smarts has also hosted workshops in acting, dance, stage combat, Shakespeare, dialects, auditions, magic, and many other theatrical disciplines. 

Engaging Student Interest

At Performing SmArts, students can be involved in many aspects of performing arts, production, and theatrical support. In addition to onstage performance, students have explored mentoriships and opportunities in stage management, light and sound design, directing, choreography, public relations, videography, marketing, and set design. We are ready to embrace and cultivate any student interest.  


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